About Us

Drawing from diverse and seasoned careers in the technology field, our team has the tools, relationships, and experience to augment and enhance world class organizations. Our guiding philosophy is to approach a client's need holistically, and either assist in discovery, or provide discrete services that will ultimately have a positive, measurable impact on the business and their success.


Servant leadership - Our greatest resource are our people and we invest in them to ensure they are equipped with the tools necessary to be successful change agents and leaders of innovation.

Authenticity - We put ourselves into everything we do. From consulting to being a value added re-seller, our recommendations and partnerships are built from experience and a deep belief in their ability to enhance an organization. We will never “DO I.T.” for I.T.’s sake. We are always customer focused.

Self Improvement - We must evolve to provide best in class services. To provide the level of quality we strive for, ours is a culture of continuous improvement, both personally and as an organization.

These values come together to fuel the formula of our credible success by emphasizing Truth, Trust, and Transparency in our engagements, which drive Transformation.


Our Team

Tony Thornton

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Tony is a technology expert that understands how to leverage technology and informatics as an enabler to deliver quality service, increase productivity, improve processes and capabilities that support a company in delivering on their mission. He originated the phraseology “Business Driven Information Technology Where Your Business Comes First!” He strives daily to do just that.

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Terry Haley, PhD

Chief Technology/Operating Officer

Terry Haley is a technology leader, data scientist, and educator who empowers and protects businesses through the thoughtful and strategic application of technology, operations, resources, and awareness.

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Chris Snider

Chief Information Security Officer

Problems happen to everyone, and it is how we react to those problems that shape our perceptions of future events. Some shy away, while others charge ahead to solve them. Chris is one of the latter, always determined to solve the issues and never give up.

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